Thalassa Coastal Clean Up Day!

Thalassa Clean Up Day

Tuesday 26th April 2022 marked the first of what we hope will be many ‘doing some good’ days here at Thalassa.

thalassa clean up day 2022

After a call out to our home owners and company staff from all sides of our business, a clean up event was organised to collect rubbish along a nearly 6km stretch of the coastline. Thankfully, a breeze prevailed over what was a hot day in late April.

thalassa clean up 2022

Gloves and bags to hand, teams spent over 2 hours collecting a host of rubbish which sadly washes up on our shores on a regular basis. With our tractor and trailer on hand to transport the rubbish and the teams up and down the coast, over 50 bags of rubbish was collected.

thalassa coastal clean up

Prizes were awarded to those who collected the most rubbish and to celebrate the successful event and to thank everyone who participated, a BBQ was provided to refresh our volunteers.

thalassa clean up day

Well done to everyone and thank you for your help! We look forward to seeing what the Thalassa team gets up to next.



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