Yoga Bliss!

Do you love yoga, have you never tried yoga, would you like to try yoga? If you are staying with us during the summer months, we really do recommend joining the team for early morning sessions, when the heat has not yet made its mark on the day ahead! There are so many benefits of […]


It’s that time of year, when the wonderful season of turtle nesting comes to North Cyprus! Every year, both Green and Loggerhead turtles come to mate and nest on the beaches of the coastline in their hundreds, and it is a place of much activity. There are now many groups involved in ensuring that the […]

Thalassa Kids Club ‘ Beached’

2022 has been a big year for Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa, lots has been happening and we are really pleased with how our planned Kids Club has turned out! Named ‘Beached’ kids have started to enjoy some quality play time. Opening this month, kids of all ages can spend lots of their time being […]